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Links below contain tubing and the nuts and fittings for that size tubing
Brake Line
Brake Line
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Fuel/Hydraulic Line
Fuel/Hydraulic Line
Brake Line
Fuel/Hydraulic Line
Fuel/Hydraulic Line
Brake Line
Fuel/Hydraulic Line
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Brake Line
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Where to buy brake line, fuel line, brake line flaring tools, brake line nuts and brake line fittings

American brake line nut, brake line fittings, brake line nuts <br>3/8 x 24 with SAE/double flare <br>on 3/16
American brake line nut
(flare nut)
3/8 x 24 with SAE/double flare
on 3/16" Cunifer™ brake line

Cunifer™ <br>Brake Tubing Pretzel
Brake Tubing Pretzel

European flare nut, brake line fittings, brake line nuts<br> 10 x 1.00 with DIN/bubble flare <br>on 3/16
Metric brake line nuts
(flare nuts)
10 x 1.00 with DIN/bubble flare
on 3/16" Cunifer™ brake tubing

When that routine brake job turns into a nightmare of rusted brake lines,
impossible to find brake line fittings and unreliable flaring tools,
you've come to the right place.

You won't believe how easy Cunifer™ brake line is to work with. The 007 Flaring Tool is the easiest and most reliable flaring tool you'll ever use. Combine these with our brake line fittings and technical assistance and you have everything you need to tame that nightmare.

FedHill is the exclusive importer for Cunifer™ brake line products. Cunifer™ is seamless, copper nickel alloy DOT approved brake line that is as strong as steel, completely rust proof and is easier to work with than any other brake line on the market. It is highly flexible, which allows it to be easily snaked into positions that conventional brake lines cannot. Cunifer™ also flares easier, seals better, and requires less preparation than any other tubing on the market. It does not rust, so it is perfect for any environment. No other brake tubing compares for strength, reliability and ease of installation!

High performance manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Volvo and Audi, have chosen to install copper-nickel alloy over all other materials including stainless steel brake lines.

It is the perfect replacement brake line tubing for cars, trucks and buses. Snow plow operators know that replacement steel brake lines rust out faster than the OEM brake lines. Two years later you're replacing the brake lines again. Cunifer™ brake lines do not rust! Ever!

Are you fed up with your flaring tool? The 007 Brake Line Flaring tool
is what you need. This tool is 12 pounds of steel in a compact, clever arrangement that makes flaring brake lines amazingly easy. Using its fast cam and lever action, you can press a perfect double flare in 30 seconds and quickly change flare sizes if you need to. Its precision made punch and smooth bore die blocks grip and form the flare without damaging the tubing. With this tool, you can make aircraft quality flares for SAE 45 degree double (inverted) on American or metric sized tubing, DIN flares on metric tubing, and British bubble flares. We have purchased and tested almost every brake line flaring tool on the market, and this is the finest, most reliable tool we have found. Our shop has been personally using this tool for 20 years, and we are quite proud to now represent the manufacturer and have the honor of supplying this tool to you.

Tool Video

You need the fittings to complete the job. We stock a wide assortment of brake line fittings. From vintage Ferrari to modern metric, British Whitworth threads, and a multitude of SAE/American brake line nuts including master cylinder nuts. We also carry tee’s, unions, bleeders and adaptors for brake line locks, brake proportioning valves and AN hydraulic brake tubing nuts.

Last but not least, if you have any questions or need technical help, please read through our technical help page. Replacing brake lines on a modern vehicle really is a nightmare. You have our sympathy and support in sorting out the mess! If our web resources don't answer your questions or you have a "you can't get there from here" situation with your plumbing, please feel free to contact us. We hope to hear from you!

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Article-Automotive hydraulic brake tube: The case for 90/10 copper-nickel tubing
Recent tests prove that 90/10 copper-nickel tube (UNS C70600) is superior to steel tubes when run through over 120 cycles (includes test results, pictures).

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