+ Is Cunifer Legal?

Yes, of course it is! There is a tremendous amount of MISINFORMATION out there regarding what is legal or not. The facts speak for themselves and it's a fact that Volvo, Porsche and Audi have been installing it for years now.

+ How do I tell what I need to replace the brake lines on my car?

It's really very complicated. If you don't normally work on your own car, now is not the time to start. Please seek professional help. If you always do your own work but have never really done brake lines, it's worthwhile to figure it out. Once it's figured out, the install is fairly straight forward.

+ Do you sell braided steel flex lines?

We do not make or sell flex line/brake hose assemblies.Please visit our friends at Crown Performance They can make "DOT approved" brake flex lines.

+ Is there a corrosion problem due to dissimilar metals when using Cuniferâ„¢?

No more than usual. Always anti-seize nuts and tubing.

+ Can I flare Cuniferâ„¢ with my flaring tool?

Brake line flaring tools vary widely in quality. If you can flare steel tubing with your flaring tool, you can flare Cunifer tubing.

+ Why do we say not to use flaring tools with serrated grips?

Serrated grips damage the end of the brake tubing no matter what kind of brake tubing you use.

+ What punch and die sets do I need?

For Double flaring for common American brake line applications order 007B with 3/16" and 1/4" punch and die sets. For European applications order 007B with 3/16" and 4.75MM punch and die sets. The best choice - order 007C with 3/16", 1/4" and 4.75MM punch and die sets. This set allows you to do virtually all brake line applications (except Citroen!). The 4.75MM/bubble flare is beginning to appear on late model American cars and trucks.

+ Can I flare Stainless Steel tubing with the 007 brake line flaring tool?

Tubing varies widely in type and manufacture. If you have a coil of Stainless Steel tubing from one of the large retailers, yes it will flare it.

+ Can I make a 37 degree flare with the 007 brake line flaring tool?


+ Can I make a single flare with the 007 brake line flaring tool?